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WImom 10:21 AM 01-03-2012
tips? I have a new girl that started today with the same name as another girl here. Never had that before. Do you just call them by their name and initial?
Heidi 10:23 AM 01-03-2012
Originally Posted by WImom:
tips? I have a new girl that started today with the same name as another girl here. Never had that before. Do you just call them by their name and initial?
ask parents if she has a nickname, or come up with one together before you get used to calling her by her real name...quick!
laundrymom 10:30 AM 01-03-2012
I call them big Susie and little susie.
melissa ann 10:32 AM 01-03-2012
My dd's name is Hannah, and I used to have a girl whose name was Anna. They kept telling me I was getting there names confused. I wasn't. They just didn't pay attention Anyway, I just called my dd hannah mae (her first and middle name) to end their confusion.
cheerfuldom 10:33 AM 01-03-2012
I tried the "big" and "little" thing once and a mom complained. She thought I was calling her daughter fat, since I referred to her as "big Brooke"....two Brookes in the same class. We just called them both Brooke, even though it was confusing.
Cat Herder 10:36 AM 01-03-2012
I just add the first letter of the last name as PART of their name... They do it at DD's junior high school, too.

She has 4 friends named Brittany.... Brittany H is my personal fav (although she also answers to "yo, chatterbox!")....
Crazy8 10:48 AM 01-03-2012
I think adding the first initial of the last name is the most common practice in school but if the name can be shortened or parents have a nickname suggestion I would use that.
WImom 10:57 AM 01-03-2012
sorry, I should have said they have the same nickname, 'Maddie'. They have different first names...madeline (the new girl) and Madison is the one I've had here about a year. Both parents call them Maddie and their full name is for when they are bad so I'd rather not call them by that name but I guess I may have too.
mismatchedsocks 11:00 AM 01-03-2012
Just call them both maddie. even if you pick another name, both will answer to maddie.

I have mason/madison hemi/emery daniel/danielle jayden/aiden I am lucky if i get their names right half the time anyway. I just look at who i am talking to. LOL
melskids 11:27 AM 01-03-2012
I do the last initial as well.....

I used to have

Megan B. and Meagan M.(this one was supposed to be pronounced meeeeeeegan, but it always came out megan anyway) )
e.j. 11:31 AM 01-03-2012
I've used the first initial of their last name, too.
Meeko 11:33 AM 01-03-2012
Funnily 27 years I have never had two kids at the same time with the same name!

I have, however had names that were hard to pronounce.

One was just known as Nani........because her actual name was Nanineolani!!
daycare 11:46 AM 01-03-2012
I do nick names..and of course let the parents know.

I had in the past

Robbie, Bobbie, Cori, Rori, Lori ..... Try getting all that out of your mouth when you call
safechner 11:49 AM 01-03-2012
There were one of my daughter and another of my daycare girl have the same names so I called them **** number 1 since she is my oldest daughter and ***** number 2. It works for me.
KEG123 12:00 PM 01-03-2012
I'd most likely do middle name... or else find a nickname...
Solandia 12:05 PM 01-03-2012
I would use first & middle name together for both. Like if I had a Lauren & Laurie (two really close names) , I would do Lauren May, and Laurie Anne.

I had two boys with the same very traditional, very common first name with tons of nicknames to which they would both answer. One of them was *******, and called Sasha at home, so we called him Sasha here as well. R u s s i an was edited out...sorry.
Meeko 12:05 PM 01-03-2012
Only problem I have ever had with names was with my husbands siblings when we first got married.

I have one brother.

My husband has SIX sisters and FIVE brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My hubby's name is David...which is funny because ALL of his brothers and sisters have names that end with "ie" or "y".

Danny, Jimmy, Terry, Robbie, Rickie, Debbie, Lyndy, Christie, Wendy, Becky and Amy.

I thought I would NEVER get them all straight! It's been 31 I think I have it down now!!!
WImom 01:09 PM 01-03-2012
thanks! Yeah the one that's been here for a long time is not liking being called with her name and last initial. Maybe I could try the middle name thing with her instead.
SilverSabre25 01:11 PM 01-03-2012
For awhile I had Elliot, Ella, and Eliza. Then my DD Olivia (pretty much the same sound) and my niece Eliana. Later that summer after Eliza left I got Ellie in her place! That was a tricky to figure out names! Now no one's name sounds alike but I still call one name and everyone BUT that child responds
daycare 01:16 PM 01-03-2012
sorry this is way off track but thought it was funny.

I had a kid come for about a week a few years ago. He was 2 and the rest of my kids were 3 and 4. His name was elliott.... Well the kids had a horrible time trying to say his name and when it came out it sounded like

Needless to say, mom was not to happy about it at all... I tired to explain, but she was too up tight to in the end it was a good thing they left only after a week....
CheekyChick 01:23 PM 01-03-2012
I rarely call them by their first names unless they have been naughty. I call them peanut, sweetness, baby, honey-bun, love-love, beautiful, and all sorts of other gushy names. Just pick a cute name for her and she will feel extra special.
Unregistered 03:09 PM 01-03-2012
In one center I had a Mackenzie/Kenzie/Mackinnon/Makenna and they were all girls. I ended up calling one of the girls by her last name and her parents thought it was funny.

In another center, I had 2 Coreys. One I called Corey Fuzz, the other Corey Bobo
Again the parents thought it funny.
Sunshine74 07:54 PM 01-03-2012
In the preschool room I work in, we have two girls with not only the same first name, but the same last initial! So we were using full last names (they are short enough) but that doesn't work either because we also have another girl with the same first name as one of the last names. Confused yet? So are they.

Sometimes I use their middle names, but I usually just look at who I am calling, or walk to the child I want. And if there is confusion and the wrong child answers, there is always, "not you, the other *****". LOL
spud912 09:34 PM 01-03-2012
Haha all of my children have completely different names, yet I can't seem to stop calling them each other's names. It especially becomes a problem when I say: "______, your turn is over, it's ________'s turn now."
JaydensMommy 09:58 PM 01-03-2012
I have a Kaylie and a Kaylee and I also have a Jayden(my son) and a Jaden. So far I call one of the Kaylees with her middle name. Jaden is going to start next week so we'll see how it goes. So far it's been quite confusing..
MarinaVanessa 09:18 AM 01-05-2012
Originally Posted by laundrymom:
I call them big Susie and little susie.
How funny, this is exactly what I do too
BigMama 09:26 AM 01-05-2012
I don't have any kiddos with the same or similar names but three of my six DCM's and I have very similar names. It is weird saying your own name to someone else!
renodeb 09:31 AM 01-05-2012
I have only had that happen once. I just used her middle name to minimize confusion.
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