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awestbrook713 07:59 AM 01-19-2012
I have a question I wanted to ask on here before I call the girls at my licensing office. I have a subsidy family that the little girl was here for 35 minutes before I got her on the bus for school, while at school she became sick and had to be picked up by dad so she will not be returning here. Just so I am prepared if mom raises a fuss about having to pay the rest of the fee for the day since the state will only pay $4 of the $25 daily fee, since the child was here for the half hour mom cannot use a sick day and she is responsible for the remaining days fees? or can she?
awestbrook713 08:05 AM 01-19-2012
I'm in new york if that helps since I know different rules for different states
littlemissmuffet 08:19 AM 01-19-2012
I am assuming when you say she can't use a sick day that you provide your clients with unpaid sick time.... correct?
If so, I think you should give the parents a break and consider this a sick day seeing she was there only 35 minutes. Just let them know that you're making an exception and if this happens again you will still be charging the full day.
awestbrook713 08:39 AM 01-19-2012
I do provide 5 days sick time in my contract, but I'm actually referring to new york subsidy program provides families with 8 paid sick days per period but I don't know since she was here for a little bit whether they will except it as a sick day.

And if it was any family besides this one I would consider giving a break but this mother has put me through hell and back and takes advantage constantly so I will not be giving any special treatment. But thank you for your input I do consider it helpful!!
awestbrook713 08:56 AM 01-19-2012
Ok just for anyones reference in NY if a child is scheduled for daycare and is here for a little bit goes to school program and gets sick and goes home and doesn't return to daycare like they were scheduled you are allowed to claim it as a sick day.
littlemissmuffet 10:54 AM 01-19-2012
Glad you found the information you were looking for!!
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