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MamaBear 06:24 PM 01-23-2012
I usually have about 5-6 kids in my daycare. Last month I had 5 toddlers... but then one moved out of state and this week another one is leaving for preschool... leaving me with only 3 kids in the daycare. This is the smallest I've been since I first started daycare 6 years ago. I'm just not getting any bites from my daycare ads like I used too. I don't really mind though because my husband is deployed right now in Afghanistan, so my brain can only take so much and I'm kind of enjoying the "smallness" of my daycare right now.

I have this one mom who continuously irritates me... Today at pick up @ 4pm her son was the last one here. She says "Gosh - Is 'Timmy' the only child here right now?" I told her that everyone else already got picked up. She says "oh man - I'm starting to think you have no daycare kids except Timmy here because I never see anyone else - not even in the morning!" Then I remind her that she drops off before anyone else and she picks up after everyone else so thats why (DUH!)

I hate when these daycare parents make observations and comments like that. Either she'll make a comment about not enough kids here or when I'm really full, she has to make a comment about how crazy it is here. Either way, I just can't win with this woman. Argh. Oh well...Just needed to vent that.
Mary Poppins 06:56 PM 01-23-2012

I hate parents like this.

When she says there aren't enough kids, I would tell her that perhaps she needs to quit her job and find a playgroup for Timmy rather than a daycare. When she mentions there are too many, I would suggest perhaps she needs to advance in her career so she can afford a high priced nanny for Timmy rather than a daycare.

Do it with a smile.

Maybe she'll get the point.
saved4always 08:01 PM 01-23-2012
That is irritating when parents make comments that make it seem like they are never happy. Maybe she just has trouble making conversation and cannot think of anything else to say. I only have 3 little ones right now and it is awesome! I just had a family leave and it is so much calmer and easier now since one of those children was an infant. Fortunately for me, financially I don't need to do this so I am enjoying the breathing room. I even get every other Friday off because 2 are part time and the 3rd is 4 days one week and 5 days the next.
Oneluckymom 09:02 PM 01-23-2012
Ugggh, yes! My parents are always keeping tabs on each other! I keep asking my DH why they care what time each one comes or goes!

They will say "oh where's so and so today?" or "oh so and so already left?" etc. Why they do this I don't know!
melskids 02:23 AM 01-24-2012
maybe she feels guilty or embarrassed for her child being there the longest and is finding a way to make an excuse and to misplace her feelings.

I don't know if I'm explaining that right..its early here but you know what I mean....
mac60 02:56 AM 01-24-2012
Annoying comments ==== really none of her business. For some reason, some daycare parents think what happens in our life is their business. We get a car....they have to ask about it. I have my coat and purse on the couch ready to go out the door when they leave....they hae to ask about it. REALLY? Not their business. Once in a great while I will fill in for a grandma, 2 times so far, and each time the next day a mom comes in and questions me about it. Really???? None of your business, I don't question you on your work, and as long as I am within numbers....seriously not your business.
Cat Herder 05:59 AM 01-24-2012
I have not had this since I started using the sign in-sign out sheet.

I think they do it because they fear a mass exodus may mean something bad happened and you are not telling her. Nobody wants to be the last to know, YKWIM?.

IMHO, If you were at the grocery store and then everyone suddenly started leaving at one time, you'd ask someone what was going on....

I'd most likely just ask "DCM, are you worried about something? Is something wrong?"

Now, I do know there are adult bullies who enjoy making some snide remark EVERYDAY to keep you in "your place". I am sure we ALL know someone like that, no matter what field we are in. I am just not sure if that is what she is doing, though, since I was not there to witness it.
Springdaze 06:05 AM 01-24-2012
they are jost nosey and have nothing better to do! I got that before too. never seems satisfied.
jenn 06:52 AM 01-24-2012
I have a "never happy parent" too. DCB has been here for 3 years. He is not a huge behavior problem, but is one that requires more care than most infants. By far, my hardest to watch, but manageable. Mom always has a comment to justify her sons behavior. For awhile I had only 3 kids, so his behavior was due to lack of kids. When I was full, behavior was due to having too many kids. When I had more girls than boys, that was the problem. When more boys came, that was too many boys. Too many young ones/too many older ones....there's always an excuse.
littlemissmuffet 07:02 AM 01-24-2012
Ugh. I have one of these parents too. NOTHING is EVER good enough for her or her precious child
She wants her daughter outside more, wants her daughter outside less; wants her baby to nap less, wants her baby to nap more; wondering why her daughter is so hungry at supper, wondering why her daughter won't eat supper; thinks it's silly so and so's mom is already potty training her kid who's the same age... then decides a week later her daughter is ready too; asks if she's bored... then the next day asks if she's over-stimulated; doesn't like it if one of her daughter's playmates is out sick for the day, but always gets upset when a new little is added to the group. She's a HUGE PITA. I can't stand her and she knows it. I don't even respond to the majority of her comments any more because it's completely pointless - she's just a princess and nothing will ever satisfy her. Too bad her daughter is turning out the same way.
sharlan 07:45 AM 01-24-2012
I had a impromptu interview last week. The mom decided not to go with me because I didn't have any other girls her age to play with before school. She's an afternoon K.
renodeb 08:24 AM 01-24-2012
DC parents just cant believe that we m ay have a life outside of working our fannies off! Maybe it s just there way of trying to small talk, who knows. But there is nothing wrong with having to be ready to leave right after the dc does. Sometimes Im following the last kid out b/c i have to go somewhere. I agree its none of there business.
I have one kid who is always the last kid to leave on moms days to pick up, all the other kids are gone by 445.
momma2girls 08:27 AM 01-24-2012
I used to have a daycare parent, notice that her child was the only one here somedays. The other days, one was on vac. one was sick, one partime, etc. etc... she would always make comments about it. I finally told her in a stern voice, she will always have my child and I to play with. She never asked again!! How RUDE!!! SHe must have said it about 10 different times, until I got sick of it, and had enough of it!!!
SilverSabre25 08:48 AM 01-24-2012
Originally Posted by renodeb:
DC parents just cant believe that we m ay have a life outside of working our fannies off. Maybe it s just there way of trying to small talk, who knows. But there is nothing wrong with having to be ready to leave right after the dc does. Sometimes Im following the last kid out b/c i have to go somewhere. I agree its none of there business.
Sometimes I feel like one family thinks they pay me for all 24 hours in the day and it's a terrible thing that I'm going somewhere in the evening and am packing my two young kids out the door at the same time they are getting theirs out my door.
cheerfuldom 08:55 AM 01-24-2012
I always brush off those comments and never try and explain why, who is here when, etc, etc. Just a general comment like "Yes, Timmy's the last one today...have a great evening! bye!" If they really have a problem then they will ask a direct question. I ignore passive/aggressive comments.
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