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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>All This Illness Is Killing Me!!
SunflowerMama 12:33 PM 01-24-2012
So since getting back from Christmas we've had all of the following....

Upper Respiratory Infections
Sinus Infections
Ear Infections
And of course the common cold

Nap time hasn't been silent in over 3 weeks with all the hacking and sneezing going on.

A lot of kids have been staying home with fevers and 24 hours after starting antibiotics for anything but are coming back with these lingering coughs and running noses. I'm just exhausted from all of it.

I've been cleaning like crazy at closing but also wiping down everything with cleaning wipes 3 or 4 times during the day. My hands are raw from washing them after anything!

And now my daughter who just finished a round of antibiotics last week for an upper respiratory infection is coughing again with a fever of 101 .

This season has been awful for us. And somehow I've escaped it all so far...knock on wood.

Lilbutterflie 12:42 PM 01-24-2012
I hear ya. We've had a bad season too...
Nasty viruses

I had to close yesterday with my own DS vomitting and a high fever. Then today dcb came with a super snotty nose that he wipes all over whenever he can. My hands are cracking from washing so much. It's a vicious cycle sometimes.
DCMom 12:47 PM 01-24-2012
This has been a bad year for illness. I think I've had more sick kids this year than the last two combined!
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