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newtodaycare22 11:20 AM 01-26-2012
Earlier today...

My 'potty training' 2.5 dck was in the bathroom this morning. She got off the potty and said, "Look! A biggy mommy poopers, and a little baby poopers." I just smiled. She continued "And I think mommy and baby are thirsty, because they wanted that potty water."

hahaha gross and hilarious

10 minutes ago....

My same 2.5 year old is protesting her nap and gets off her cot saying, "Here Ms.---, Here!" I put out my hand and she smushes something in it...but I don't see anything. "I don't see anything?" I said. She smiled and responded, "You don't see my booger?"

Gotta love our job
dEHmom 11:22 AM 01-26-2012
yeah! I've been handed a few boogers here and there too. eww

sometimes the kids come to me holding out their finger, and i've kissed their finger better, and then they let me know they didnt' hurt themselves, it's just a booger. *gag*
Heidi 01:02 PM 01-26-2012
awwwww man, and now naptime is over! I guess I will go get distracted from those rather disgusting stories!
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