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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>How Much Does it Cost You Each Month to Keep Things Going?
Unregistered 10:46 AM 01-27-2010
I am jsut wondering how much it cost you for things like insurance, food, extra elec, water, gas, etc..... I am opening up a in home daycare in Florida I am going to get licensed. I would also like to know if anyone is here in Florida and what the pro and cons are. Also what step did you take and how much they costed.

Thank you so much!!!!
mac60 11:56 AM 01-27-2010
I am too afraid to sit and figure it out. I know my utilities and grocery bill are much higher doing childcare. I also pay about $230 per year extra insurance. Wear and tear on house....not sure how to determine that cost. All the supplies I use........hmm, maybe someday I will sit and figure it out. Sorry, not much help.
gbcc 06:02 PM 01-27-2010
I am sure you know that doing daycare you will never get rich. It is enough to support myself and my son. We have a good life, a comfortable life, but could be much more well off. I wouldn't trade any amount of money for this awesome experience to raise my son and be here for him instead of out of the home working. Honestly, after all of my bills are paid due to daycare cost, my left over money for leisure things and non daycare related things are 35% (For ex. If I make 3000, I bring home 1000) about 65% goes to daycare cost.
originalkat 06:03 AM 01-28-2010
I know I make more doing this than I would working for someone else at a center. Plus, now that i have worked for myself, I dont think I could ever go back to working for someone else. I love being self-employed and staying home to take care of my family and home while still bringing in a good income. All the bills come out of my husbands income for the house, utilities, food etc... They are higher than they would be with just us but not double or anything that crazy. My income supplements our family income. I only take 4 paying children which brings in about $2000 a month. If I took 6 kids it would be about $3000 a month. Plus the food program money which will be(I just signed up for it) about $300 per month.

But you have to remember, the tax benefit of home daycare is huge. You may make $24,000 for the year but only be taxed on $5000 of that. That is a HUGE advantage of this business!
momofboys 09:54 AM 01-28-2010
WE have a much higher grocery bill but we try to shop smart. I'd say our weekly grocery trips have went up easily by $30/week, maybe more.
momma2girls 09:58 AM 01-28-2010
I try and always look at the sale ads for grocery stores, and try and get things that are on sale. I bet in the last 2 yrs. my grocery bill just for daycare has gone up $100.00 a month!!!
originalkat 03:43 PM 01-28-2010
I shop at the Commisary since my husband is in the military. That saves a TON of money. I would say on my big trips I save $60-$100 dollars over Walmart prices. I was looking at roasts for the commisary it was 4.95 and at our local grocery store over $9.00. I know my costs would go up significantly if I did not have that benefit.
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