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queenbee 04:47 PM 02-09-2012
My 2.5yo DCB come up to me and handed me a play phone. I asked who it was and he replied "My mommy wants to talk to you".

Me: Hi mommy! You want DCB to be good today? Okay, I'll let him know! Bye!

DCB gets on the play phone.

DCB: Hi mommy. You want me to have candy? Okay, bye."

DCB to Me: Mommy wants me to eat candy.

Me to DCB: Nice try little dude. Go play.

sharlan 05:02 PM 02-09-2012
Oh, that is my 3 1/2 yo all the way.

"Turn around so you don't see me do this."
kendallina 05:08 PM 02-09-2012
countrymom 06:14 PM 02-09-2012
hmm we have a gum problem. I keep telling them the sugar bugs are going to get their teeth all yucky.
MissK 08:22 AM 02-10-2012
hahahaha love it!
dave4him 02:26 PM 02-10-2012
i love when siblings do that
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