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themoorethemerrier 04:52 AM 02-23-2012
I don't want the paperwork and issues that come with employees since I'll need them less than 30 hrs a week a couple weeks a year.

Can I claim it as contracted work? How do I go about this?

itlw8 06:08 AM 02-23-2012
I thought to be contracted they need to provide the service for others and be able to prove it.
themoorethemerrier 06:54 AM 02-23-2012
I'm not sure.

My assistant is my husband and I don't claim him as an employee. Then I have two substitutes (that can fill in for both of us if needed) one is already day care center employee with nearly the same training as me and the other is a school teacher. They both have skills that are useful and pertinent, but can that count?
Blackcat31 08:34 AM 02-23-2012
Tom Copeland has a bunch of info about contracted employees and hired help in his blog....
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