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TSDaycare 07:48 AM 02-22-2010
I have a child who is 10 months old, she only comes to me part-time, and believe me- that is enough!! If her parents ever asked for full-time, I would never do it, as I am considering getting rid of her now. She is one of those only child, parents hold as much as she wants them to, rock her to sleep, and literally hold her at naptime. So when she comes her, she wants to be held to go to sleep and the second I lay her down, she screams. I don't mean just a little cry, I mean screams her head off, the loudest cry I have ever heard from a child that age. And this goes on for as long as I let it, even up to and hour and probably longer if I let her. Now I am not a softy, I will let them cry themselves to sleep, I had my son putting himself to sleep at 8weeks. I just can't figure out what to do with her, it's pretty ridiculous, not to mention she is waking the other kids up in different rooms. Any Suggestions??
originalkat 08:19 AM 02-22-2010
Man that is a tough one. I dont know what your State rules are, but I would let her cry it out. If you are sure her needs are met and she is tired there should be no reason she shouldnt be able to fall asleep on her own. Have you discussed it with her parents to see how they handle putting her down? If they say they hold her I would let them know that in a childcare setting with other children there you are not able to do that. Maybe you guys can come up with a solution. If not, you may have to let her go for the sanity of everyone else.
MarinaVanessa 10:22 AM 02-22-2010
I too would let her cry it out. I take care of a 15 month old that was always held, ALWAYS. Nuh-uh, not at my daycare. He would cry and cry and cry and cry and I let him. It was driving me crazy. After the first day I explained to the mom that it was impossible for me to carry him all of the time. I had other kids to take care of and activities to carry out and that he had spent the majority of the time crying so she knew. I just told her that it would be a joint process and that if she continued to allow him to be carried all of the time at home that she was not doing him any service. She didn't immediately respond but everyday that she picked him I'd tell her how long he cried for. I reminded her that if he didn't smoothly transition after the second week (I have an initial 2 week trial period) that she may have to find childcare elsewhere, someone that would maybe only watch her child. After that I noticced a small improvement and since he's been great. He also needed to be swaddled and rocked while he slept AT 15 MONTHS!!! I believe that a problem like that stems from parenting so the best way to correct this is from participation by the parents.
momma2girls 10:32 AM 02-22-2010
I had this as well, I had a little 10 month old girl that had never been away from Mom before. Her Mom did the same thing, always rocked her to sleep for about 15-30 min. would never just lay her down in her crib ever. I explained to the Mom it was not fair to the other kids at all!! Everytime I would place her down on the floor, or I would get up from the floor, she would scream at the top of her lungs!! She also had seperation anxiety going on as well. I finally had to lay her down in the pack and play. She didn't even sleep for the 1st week here at all!! It was awful!! I was very truthful with the parents on it and after the 2nd week, things weren't any better at all. SInce she only came 3 days a week, I tried it another week, and I had to let her go. Then I found out she went thru at least 3 other daycares that I knew about and one center. I don't know where she ever lasted. SO Sad, but so not worth it for anyone!!!!! The children were going nuts as well!! I had one just over one, whenever she screamed she would scream as well!! SO I had 2 screaming nonstop!! Wow!!! It was so nice and calm again, once she was gone!!!
TGT09 10:35 AM 02-22-2010
Wow, this is deja vu for me! I wrote a similar post last week on this exact issue...Help with a 14 month old!

She cries and cries over EVERYTHING! As in the post before me, I have to swaddle her to go to sleep. And she wants held all the time. She has the potential to be such a sweet child but I'm not sure how much longer I can care for her for the crying reason. When she is here, she makes it miserable for the other kids so I'm trying to weigh my pros and cons. She too has the loudest cry I have ever heard from a child that age and she always seems to be the loudest during naptime (which is seemingly quite content without her).

It makes me sad as I've watched her for almost 6 months (with a break of 2 months or so when Mom lost her job) I enjoy her when it's just me and her but I have brought so many new additions in that it's never her and I anymore.
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