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EntropyControlSpecialist 10:50 AM 04-02-2012
I have a divorced family that brings their Preschooler here. Every weekend the child is with one particular parent. Every Monday morning that particular parent was bringing the child earlier and earlier.
I open at 8:00AM.
They started off coming in at 7:55. Then 7:51. Then 7:50. Then 7:45.

This weekend I put together a cute Business Hours sign for the front. I hung it up. The parent looked at the sign and rung the bell (there is a window that I can see out of). Thanksfully, it was 7:55 and not earlier than that parent had been!
I was just rolling with laughter. That's like going to Target in the early AM before they're open and pounding on their doors. You know what time they open. Yet, there you are.

Oh, it makes me laugh even now. Luckily, it's only once a week and the other parent generally picks up the child early on Monday's because they have not seen the child all weekend. But good golly. So funny.

(Oh, and thank you to the friend who suggested having a Late Sign Out Sheet. I created that yesterday evening and it stands ready to use today! I also purchased a LARGE, DIGITAL clock and hung it over the sign out sheet. Yes, indeed! )
momma2girls 12:50 PM 04-02-2012
I would be mad, if they rang my doorbell early!! I have specific starting and finishing times. If they are early they will just have to wait outside in their cars, for me to turn on my lights and open my door!
MizzCheryl 01:29 PM 04-02-2012
I used to have a parent tat dropped off at 5:30 am and many times she would be early. Then want to stand around and talk at the top of her lungs for 10 or 15 minutes. DROVE ME Crazy.
I started leaving the lights off till 5:30.
She would still be early but sit in her car and wait.
She didn't have to be at work till 6 and it was a 10 min drive at most.
safechner 01:40 PM 04-02-2012
Lol... When we went to cold stones early but we stayed in the car and wait until they open at noon on Valentine's Day. One woman couldn't be patient and she knocked the door very loud for 10 mins from 11:35am to 11:45am. Someone inside ignored her. She gave up and left.
EntropyControlSpecialist 04:53 PM 04-02-2012
The child will be entering into kinder in the fall, so it's only a few more months (and only 1 day a week).
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