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gkids09 11:40 AM 03-23-2010
So, this is probably a strange question, but I really don't know any other way to ask it...Does anyone have any daycare kids who do weird, unusual things while they're sleeping?? I have one who talks in her sleep, one who coughs constantly in his sleep, and a few that sleep walk. The main one that concerns me is the coughing. He doesn't cough when he's awake, or when he lays on his mat, but as soon as his eyes close and he falls asleep, he coughs the entire time he's sleeping, with maybe 30 second breaks in-between coughing fits. It's really scary because I'm afraid he'll end up throwing up, and he keeps some of the other kids from going to sleep. I can't move him by himself because we have to be in the room with the kids at all times. I was just wondering if anyone else has this problem, and if so, what do you do about it??
momofsix 12:13 PM 03-23-2010
Is this a new thing, or has he been doing this for a long time. Does he sleep through it?
Could just be allergies with a post-nasal drip, nothing to worry about--but I would mintion it to the parents that they should get it checked by the Dr. If it's fairly new could it just be leftover cough from something he recently got over?
You could try raising up the head part of his bed or whatever he sleeps on and see if that helps.
Wow, you have a LOT of kids with sleep issues!
gkids09 12:19 PM 03-23-2010
haha, yes I do!!
He's been doing it for a while now...but it's just now gotten worse. So, maybe it is just allergies. For the first time ever, he just woke himself up doing it. I called his mom and got permission to give cough medicine. Now he's almost asleep again, but still coughing now that he's awake. lol The fun never ends.
Crystal 01:12 PM 03-23-2010
I would ask to have him checked for sleep apnea. That is very frightennig, and I would be constantly watching him during nap to make sure he's breathing.
Daycare Mommy 02:24 PM 03-23-2010
Originally Posted by gkids09:
I called his mom and got permission to give cough medicine.
I'd try allergy meds first. If that doesn't take care of it alone I'd try a decongestant as well to dry out the sinuses which may be what is causing the coughs.
MarinaVanessa 07:57 AM 03-24-2010
Yes I have a daughter that has two of the three symptoms. She talks and sleepwalks. Has even angrily yelled at me while sleep walking about apples and bananas . As for the coughing I agree that he could have trouble breathing. It could also be the position in which he is sleeping. My daughter used to cough a lot and she always slept in a fetal position so once she fell asleep I would reposition her (she sleeps like a log so she wouldn't wake up if I moved her but I don't know about your situation or if your dcb is a heavy sleeper).
Janet 12:19 PM 03-24-2010
The kid who coughs sounds like a good candidate for sleep apnea or post nasal drip, which can cause throat irritation and coughing. I have a kid like that and I just make sure that her head is elevated a bit and it seems to help some. I have a kid who sleeps with his eyes half open! It's so scary looking! Totally freaks me out! I also have one who will snort in her sleep sometimes, and it sounds like a piglet. By far, the eeriest habit is from one of my kids that will be totally dead to the world asleep and then just sit up and stare at me. I just gently tell him to lay back down, and it's not time to be awake yet, and then he will lay back down and go right back to sleep. Crazy, eh?
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