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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Feeling Guilty About Spending Time With My Own Kids
karicci 08:19 AM 07-18-2012
Does anyone schedule days off to spend with your own kids? What do you do about vacations? I do take a couple of little ones (long weekend) and one 5 day vaca. Aside from that, not much else. The parent takes a spontaneous day off without considering me. Not sure what to do. My daughters would love to do something occasionally!
Blackcat31 08:22 AM 07-18-2012
I think it is important for child care providers to schedule personal days for personal reasons. No one should ever be tied to their jobs so much so that they feel they aren't allowed to schedule time off to be with their families.

I know many providers who take one day off per month all through the summer for that very reason.
Country Kids 08:44 AM 07-18-2012
Believe you me, I always do.

The weekends seem to be catch up time for everything that doesn't get done through the week.

All my vacation time I scheduled this year-2 weeks were used up being sick-. Thank you childcare for that!!!!

Then I was sick additional days (Once again thank you childcare) and have parents tell me they have no additional days at work to use. I know not my problem but .......

So my kids really haven't got to do anything this year as a vacation-. Sometimes I think I would actually have more time with them if I worked outside of the home.
cheerfuldom 10:06 AM 07-18-2012
I schedule stuff during the day where my kids are the only ones up with me for awhile. Not sure what your setup or schedule is like but that really helps. There is an hour after everyone else goes to nap where it is just me and my kids.
Crazy8 10:18 AM 07-18-2012
I don't take many days, only give myself 5 paid days (1wk) per year vacation and thats usually all I take.
Problem here is I'm competing against centers that don't close (except major holidays) so I try to be as reliable as possible.
karicci 12:00 PM 07-18-2012
I'm sticking with the idea that my kids need a life. Back in my career I had 3 weeks paid. We live in a place where people don't have tons of choices and people choose home daycare for a reason.
My Lil' Monkeys 01:24 PM 07-18-2012
I give my daycare families months + notice of when I'll be closed. I do have in my contract that I may have to close for illness, emergency's..etc if something happens.

I just let my families know I'll be closed 2 days next month to take my children to an amusement park with my whole family... they got over a months notice and I just took July 5 & 6th off with giving them almost 2 months notice.

My contract states I'll take up to 2 weeks off during the year with a months notice given prior to the vacation... but in 2 1/2 yrs of being open I've never taken 2 weeks off.

I really believe we need time to our own families. Plus, it gives the daycare kids time with their family, too!
dave4him 04:20 PM 07-18-2012
On fridays the only extra kid we have is my niece, and we have to 'make' her mom keep her at home once in a while so i can get a break.
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