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abcdaycaremom 07:39 AM 07-23-2012
Currently I have a problem with my daycare parents that's driving me a little nuts! Yes I have a policy but never thought I needed to spell this out. I recently took a week off for vacation ( the first one in 4 years!) and then needed a Friday off for a family reunion that I haven't seen family for almost 10 years. ( both unpaid) During this time off I had 80% of my parents contact me with things that I feel could have waited until Monday morning.

I do not know how to approach my parents with this. I need a vacation from job just as much as everyone else. I have posted business hours also. I am called an average of twice a day during my closed hours disturbing my time with my family and even have had to take daycare children with me for doctor appointments for my own child even after asking for time off. I do not feel like I am getting any time and parents just don't get it
Tags:boundaries, calling during off hours, parent issues, parents - don't cooperate, provider vacation