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Unregistered 06:39 PM 11-09-2012
I am a daycare employee at a school aged daycare in California. My son attends the same daycare center. I recently arranged a playdate for my son with his friend "James" who also attends the center. I got verbal permission from James' dad to sign him out when my son and I left the center and take him for the playdate. (3 playdates total- 2 were at Jame's dad's home and we went straight there from the center) James' parents are divorced. The playdates were on dad's days with dad's permission as I rarely see the mom. I recently found out the James' mom is now seeking legal action against me for signing him out of the center. Have I done something legally wrong by taking another child from the center where I am employed? What are the legal repercussions? Are there any steps I could take at this point to safeguard myself (& the center)? Obviously, I will not be setting up any more playdates...
seebachers 01:03 AM 11-10-2012
I would just have the dad put in writing that you have permission to sign his son out - just to be on the safe side from now on. I believe mom is just blowing smoke and doesn't have a legal leg to stand on. You were just signing him out that he was leaving so that they can do the correct billing, right??? It would be no different than if Grandma had permission from Dad to take him home and she would need to sign him out.
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