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grandmom 07:03 AM 05-14-2010
Five year old dcb (AB) came to me to say 6 y o dcg (been here a month) told him:

My daddy kills 5 y o boys named AB.


When confronted she said

He doesn't do it anymore.... and lots of other very weird things.

After much talking (and frankly, praying), dcg apologized. Dcb said

I was scared, I was going to hide from him. Poor little guy.

For the first time in my years of care, I called a mom and said we need to talk - now. She came, apologized, was shocked at what her d said.

I've asked her to have dad come apologize to dcb and assure him he is safe.

Turns out dcb's parents have been hearing similar kinds of things at home that this g said for the whole month. Ugh.

It's an evil twist on "my daddy's bigger than your daddy" but to specifically state the boy's age and name takes it to the danger stage to me.
jen 07:06 AM 05-14-2010
OH. MY. GOD! What in the world!
emosks 07:19 AM 05-14-2010
You did the right thing by calling mom right away! Very scary!
MarinaVanessa 10:06 AM 05-14-2010
I agree that you handled it very well and It's great that you took immediate action. I know as a parent I would be grateful that you handled this situation right away.
TGT09 10:56 AM 05-14-2010
Poor little dcb! 5 and 6 is an odd age sometimes. I had no idea that severe bullying went on at that age but recently found out it does. Great job handling it!
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