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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>OT, Can Please Help Me! But Before You Do I Need To Change My User Name
makap 02:24 PM 01-11-2013
It always takes me a good 2-5 minutes to figure out how to post on here. EVERYTIME I do post!

I do a LOT of reading on here and I really love this site. I have gotten so much support from so many of you just by reading on here every single day.

Even though I have not been a part of many conversations, I do get so much from this site and all of you, but I just never seem to have the time to post or respond to posts as much as I would like to.

Right now I am trying to figure out how to send a message to Michael as I would really like to change my user name. I really am not too bright when it comes to stuff like this.

I have a situation that I would really like some advice on but the dcm/friend I will be referring to knows my email address which is also my user name. She also knows that I use this site as she did become my best friend. I will explain more later once my user name is changed.

You all offer so much knowledge and great advice that this is the only place where I feel I can go right now. I actually took a day off and spent a whole day in bed Wednesday because I was so upset and depressed about what I need support for. I am feeling so sad and let down and just can't believe or understand this situation.

Thank you all so much.
Blackcat31 02:27 PM 01-11-2013
PM me what you would like your new user name to be and I will change it for you right now.
Blackcat31 02:29 PM 01-11-2013
to send me a PM just click on my name and a drop down menu appears. The second choice I think is Send a Private Message to user
makap 02:29 PM 01-11-2013
Thank you so much but I do not know how to pm or I would have done so with Michael.
makap 02:30 PM 01-11-2013
K Thanks I will do so now.
Blackcat31 02:30 PM 01-11-2013
Oops, looks like we were posting at the same time. See above on how to PM
Just click on where it says Blackcat31 in blue next to the picture in this post
makap 02:39 PM 01-11-2013
I think I sent it. Wow am I slow when it comes to computers!
Blackcat31 02:40 PM 01-11-2013
Its done
makap 02:40 PM 01-11-2013
Wow it's done! Thank you so much!
Blackcat31 02:41 PM 01-11-2013
Is your avatar a photo of your house or yard? If so is it case you don't want anyone to "see" it is you?
makap 02:44 PM 01-11-2013
It is my backyard. OMG Thank you! I never thought of that. Now its gonna take me another 5 minutes to figure out how to change my avatar. lol
But I can do this!
Blackcat31 02:54 PM 01-11-2013
I can change that too if you want.

Otherwise go to your user cp (found in the upper left corner of the blue bar on top of page).

When you get there on the left side is a menu. Under settings and options you will see edit avatar.

You can use one of the pre-loaded forum avatars or upload a picture yourself.
Michael 04:07 PM 01-11-2013
Also lots of information on how to do things on the forum here:
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