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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Lions, tigers, and RSV oh my!!!
Cradle2crayons 10:06 AM 04-15-2013
Wellllllll two weeks ago, in came a daycare kid.... No fever, just a clear runny nose and non specific cough. Well we live in Mississippi, where currently the pollen count is half a billion. No biggie. This kid and sister were scheduled for Monday, Monday night and Tuesday. He was fine all day Monday, and......kaboom woke up barking like a mastiff tuesday morning. Yay, I think. CROUP. I contacted the mom, gave meds, etc. fast forward to Wednesday, my 15 month old dkg showed up, same symptoms,,less the barking. Clear snot everywhere. My son and daughter both woke. Up with it. So fast forward into last week, dkb #1 who started all this and his sister are still sick. Long story short, every single kid including my personal two had to get treated for secondary respiratory bacterial and ear infections. So now I've traded out all the OTC meds for the ending of a round of antibiotics and oral steroids for seven children. Ugggggggg.... Lol... And to top it off, because I have lung disease my doc is making me take antibiotics too!! Darn it all lol. The only one tested I guess because of age was the 15 month old dkg and she was positive for RSV.

Point of the story, if I refused care for a child with the sniffles I wouldn't ever have a child to watch. But once a year, we have this scenario. Despite all the disinfecting, hand washing, etc.

Lets hope this week goes a little better lol.
Lyss 07:44 PM 04-15-2013
Hopefully this Monday has been better!
Cradle2crayons 08:36 PM 04-15-2013
Thanks!! and YES this monday went VERY well lol. I only had to give TWO kids OTC meds (other than morning antibiotics and oral steroids). DCG that didn't catch RSV thanks to her daddy's visitation schedule is trying to get a cold too. I gave her some benedryl before bedtime and then I had to give my son some Benedryl as well because he got bitten by two ants (his protocol calls for benedryl every six hours with zyrtec twice a day for 2 days and epi maybe lol). He was fine at bedtime but I have to check on him every 2 hours tonight to be SURE he's okay. This happens about 4 times a year.

Other than that, it was good seeing they were all feeling better this morning and we had some BEAUTIFUL weather. We had some things to get caught up on since we didn't get much school work done last week, plus we're going to be weighing our chickens tomorrow to see how much they've gained since last week.

So tonight, I get the kids to bed, do my usual laundry and cleaning routine etc. My house is all sparkly and disinfected, and then I see these little mini marshmellows in my pantry and decide to have a few. I dropped the can and they (and their powder) went EVERYWHERE and then I had to clean the floor and take EVERYTHING out of the bottom of my pantry and clean it ALL... UGHHH!! lol
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