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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>The Thankful Thread?.. :)
kelliott 03:24 PM 05-20-2013
juuuuussstt a quick show of appreciation ..

i know there's A LOT of you that hate me..or that just didn't get a good first impression of me through my famous "Transportation w/out Permission" post..but all you daycare providerscenter and home, are pretty DAMN amazing..(i've had my share of terrible dcp's *1* LOL and even she is still in business, so i guess someone likes her)!... the stuff you put up with on a daily basis, the complaining, the wiping of the booties, the clean up of snot and vomit.... it's all pretty incredible!.. i see your rants and complaints on this site DAILY..but our kids are still alive at the end of the day which is ultimately the goal, right? :P

i have my own child, a boy who absolutely lights up my life!..but is also the one that convinced me ONE is enough :P i can't imagine doing all i do for him, AND doing it all for somebody else's children at the same time!

you guys are the reason us parents get to work!.. you guys are the reason we get to put food in our kids' bellies and clothes on their backs! the reason we get to buy them their favorite snacks, and the reason they got those cute little shoes on their feet!.. some of you are the reason for our kids being so smart/developed and the reason our kids learned how to go pee on the potty!

Thank you... just thank you
Luna 04:35 PM 05-20-2013
You're welcome! And thanks for noticing
Evansmom 05:00 PM 05-20-2013
Thank you!!
melilley 05:01 PM 05-20-2013
Awww how nice! It's nice to know that someone notices and cares! I hope no one hates you! It's not worth hating anyone!
crazydaycarelady 05:10 PM 05-20-2013
Thank you! It is always nice to be appreciated!
kelliott 09:08 PM 05-20-2013
... i just thot i would throw it out there

i was thinking about it at work today cuz in my job i deal with patients... you guys have to deal with kids.. and their sometimes *bitchy* attitudes (for lack of a better term!) :P i'm sure it takes a lot out of dcp's to not reach out and slap the crap outta some of us LOL
daycarediva 03:42 AM 05-21-2013
That's very sweet of you to say! It helps that I love my job (for the most part)
MamaBearCanada 04:37 AM 05-21-2013
That's very kind of you! And I for one don't hate you!! I'm sure most if not all providers on here would say the same. Sometimes things get heated and people forget to treat people the same way that they would if speaking in person

Thanks again for the kind words
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