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melilley 05:32 AM 06-18-2013
I know this has been asked on here before, but I can't seem to find the thread. What company do you have your liability insurance through? And if you don't mind, what are your average premiums per year? I need to purchase insurance, but when I do a search online, I can't seem to find a company who provides this type of insurance in MI.

MyAngels 06:30 AM 06-18-2013
Maybe try New England Insurance Services ( My food program is in Michigan and that company advertises in their monthly newsletter.
Blackcat31 06:41 AM 06-18-2013
You could try Assure Child Care

Here is the rate scale for Michigan providers:

(Formerly known as Adults and Children's Alliance)
Childminder 06:58 AM 06-18-2013
I use State Farm, $225 per year, part of our Homeowner's policy and only if a Family Daycare Home for six(6) children. They won't insure for more children.
Childminder 07:06 AM 06-18-2013
I get newsletters from West Bend Ins out of Wisconsin and they offer liability for child care, you could try them but I have no idea of rates.
lovemykidstoo 08:00 AM 06-18-2013
I use Farm Bureau. Seems like it's like $400 a year, but I have a pool so it's a little more. I used State Farm before and their daycare liability was less, but the homeowners was more so it equaled out.
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