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JewellT 10:11 AM 04-22-2013
Hollo, I want to open a daycare center in Texas. Im taking a directors course this June.
Can someone tell what credentials I need to open a daycare center?
Blackcat31 10:35 AM 04-22-2013
Here are the links for your state.

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JSBaker 07:41 PM 04-22-2013
I would be glad to help you, and I'm located in the DFW metroplex. Hopefully you are geographically close??
En2Deep42 10:03 PM 07-06-2013
I'm also in Texas and would like to open a daycare center. I just finished my course last month with CCWWI and I did get my Director's credentials. Which course are you taking? I joined the forum seeking help with "what's next". I may have to look for a part time job to get the hang of things again.
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