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Heydapheny 12:17 PM 07-29-2013
Hey there! Well I'm new to this site and just had a few Q's

My family and I are planning on opening a childcare center in the Orlando area.
Now i'm a bit confused as what to charge. We are offering care from 6am to 12am (my mom's wonderful idea ) We'll have breakfast, lunch dinner and 2 snacks. There is a palace in Orlando that is crowded with daycare's (I'm talking at last 15 on the same st)

Any Orlando resident that can give me advice?

Blackcat31 12:37 PM 07-29-2013
Welcome to the forum!

I don't have any advice about Florida rates as I am way up north in MN but what I would do if I were you is do some research with area provider' around and talk with other centers and home providers.

NOT all of them will be helpful but also NOT all of them will view you as competition and networking with other providers is the best way to find out what you need/want to know.

We do have a few members here that are in Florida but each area has rates that meet the needs and demands of the area locally so....

I would also contact your area Child Care Resource & Referral agency and see if they can assist you in opening up your center.... They are usually super helpful!
Heydapheny 03:09 PM 07-29-2013
Thanks so much! I've been lurking for a while and you'ra always helpful!
Blackcat31 03:23 PM 07-29-2013
Another option is post a thread or PM Sugar Magnolia (

She owns a center in Florida and is wealth of wonderful info on how to start a center.....

I am not sure if she is in your area but she is super friendly, warm and ALWAYS willing to help out someone looking to open a center.....

You can also try searching some of her older posts and you will find some threads where she gives info for Florida.

I will also PM her that you are looking for info in case she doesn't see this thread.
Sugar Magnolia 03:32 AM 07-31-2013
Well, the "Orlando area" is an enormous area, 3 counties wide. Where in Orlando? Prices vary wildly in Orlando, and neighborhood really matters. The rates in Apopka will be nothing like rates in Celebration. I would call Orange, Seminole and Osceola counties for lists and narrow down your area. "Fancy" will bring higher rates, and Orlando thrives on fancy, special and unique. Will this be a large center?
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