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SilverSabre25 12:36 PM 05-28-2012
Who else has read the trilogy? Seen the movie?

I personally LOVED the series and think it ended perfectly. And as for the That was probably the best movie based off a book that I have ever seen. The stuff they added was beneficial and perfect, and the stuff they left out didn't ruin the story at all.
Countrygal 07:19 PM 05-28-2012
honestly, I haven't read or watched it. I'll have to look into it!
Bookworm 07:20 PM 05-28-2012
I'm about to start the second book. Loved the first. I felt the movie, while still good, felt rushed.
Childminder 07:24 PM 05-28-2012
I read the trilogy but did not see the movie, Unlike you I was disappointed in the ending but usually am in trilogy endings. I also felt the last book rambles a bit like the author was tired of the story and was trying to fill up the paper. On a score from 1-10 I give it a 7 or 8.
spud912 11:05 PM 05-28-2012
I also read the trilogy, but have not seen the movie. It was quite a predictable story line and I was not a fan of the ending, but I did enjoy the quick and easy read. I was very much hooked and read each book in a day and a half (so less than a week for the trilogy).
Lilbutterflie 11:06 AM 05-29-2012
I read the trilogy and for the most part I loved it. The last book dragged a little bit. I saw the movie that day it opened and loved it too! I'm a fan!! Can't wait for the next movie!
dave4him 11:30 AM 06-03-2012
We play hunger games right before lunch every day, and snack time

Good books and movie
KEG123 12:39 PM 06-03-2012
Loved the books, less than thrilled with the movie. I mean, it was ok... but not up to my standards.
WoodOx 06:22 PM 12-26-2012
I loved the books, the 3rd dragged on for a while, but I cried towards the end very sad that her sis died, but kicked A#% when she took out the person who was responsible, they didn't see it coming.
I have not seen the movie, but I am planing on it.
Meyou 02:26 AM 12-27-2012
I burned through the books in 4 days...could not put them down!
Scout 04:27 AM 12-27-2012
ooh, this is making me want to bring out my kindle and restart the third book! I used to read it while I pumped at work last year but, for some reason stopped! Loved the first two and I also really liked the movie.
Former Teacher 08:42 AM 12-27-2012
The kiddos for the family I watch gave me this trilogy. I wasn't so keen on it but now that I have read this thread...I cant wait to start!
LiloAngels 05:59 PM 09-04-2013
I've read the books and seen the movie, I liked both but Peeta was not what I expected. Having said that I still thought he was cute and believable between him and Katniss.
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