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BrooklynM 01:37 PM 09-11-2013

I am in the final process of getting my license (background checks just came back) so all I have left is my inspection. I am in California. I have a sunken living room that is my dedicated play room. I have just 1 stair. I have it gated at the top and the bottom of the stair, but it seems excessive. My neighbor who has the same house as I do has been doing daycare for 25 years and she has the exact same situation only she just gated the top of the stair. She hasn't had an inspection in 5 years. She said prior to that it was fine. What are everyone's thoughts? Should I remove the gate before I get my inspection or leave it up for the inspection then take it down if the inspector says its ok? I called the Community Care licensing office and they said they couldn't give me an answer over the phone...

Thank you for your help!
Cat Herder 01:51 PM 09-11-2013
I'd go with overkill until you get confirmation...
Familycare71 01:53 PM 09-11-2013
Originally Posted by Cat Herder:
I go with overkill until you get confirmation...

Margarete 01:54 PM 09-11-2013
I am in the licensing process too, and have my inspection scheduled for Monday. I have a raised entryway with one step down, and specifically asked my rep if that was a problem on the phone. They said no, it is not, and does not need to be gated. sitting on a couch or chair is a farther drop then one step, but I wanted to be sure. "1 stair" does that mean 1 step?
nothingwithoutjoy 01:59 PM 09-11-2013
My child-care space is my kitchen, sunroom, and studio. There's a small step down from the kitchen to the sunroom, and a larger step down from the kitchen to the studio. I put drawer pulls low down on the walls to serve as toddler-height "railings." The stairs are just a part of getting from one room to another. We've had no problems, either with falls or with licensing.
originalkat 02:53 PM 09-11-2013
Personally, I think that sounds ridiculous! I would only put one gate at the top of the one stair. But, I suppose if you already have both gates you could have them up for the inspection and just discuss it when they get there. Good Luck!
jenn 03:47 PM 09-11-2013
I have my play area in a sunken family room with 2 entrances. Each entrance has 3 steps down. I have gates at the top only. The rules probably vary from state to state though.
lovemykidstoo 03:52 PM 09-11-2013
My living room is sunken with no gates and just had my 2nd inspection and it wasn't even brought up. No problem at all.
BrooklynM 04:58 PM 09-12-2013
Thank you everyone for your quick answers! I think I will leave it up until after inspection and then see what the licensor says. Hopefully they will say its ridiculous. Who knew this licensing process would be so stressful?
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