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tandow 05:27 PM 09-28-2013
Hi! I've been lurking around the boards and finally decided to register! I'm a SAHM of 3, and I'm looking to open my own Family Home Center. I've been doing research and preparing for almost a year now, and look to be open in the next 9 months!
Michael 05:30 PM 09-28-2013
Welcome to the forum!
Maria2013 07:14 PM 09-28-2013
hi and welcome
tandow 12:01 PM 09-29-2013
Thanks for the welcomes!
babylady 02:36 PM 09-29-2013
I am 66, been in ECE all my life, and have been wanting to do family child care since I had my own children. I'm finally doing it. I've been going to orientations and doing research for several years while working. I even moved to a better DC house last year. My house is ready now and I'm advertising.

The biggest glitch has been the zoning board. They denied my application and failed to give a reason. I had to get a lawyer and appeal to find a rather made-up reason. (Age discrimination? Politics? Petty bureaucracy?) I fought back and searched for support, and now the commissioners have approved me if I make one more (unnecessary) parking space in my driveway by moving my gate to the backyard, and we are waiting for a judge to sign something. It has cost thousands of dollars, and I can totally see why some providers don't get a license! But I am determined to get licensed, and I'm can't wait to get started. (I can care for three without the license in PA).

Good luck to you, and I hope you don't run into any expensive and silly obstacles!
Familycare71 04:06 PM 09-29-2013
HELLO!!! . Welcome
MrsBelvedere 11:11 PM 09-29-2013
Great! Oh and welcome to the group.
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