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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>New Daycare In Houston! Any Suggestions?
Houston Cares 07:14 PM 10-10-2013
Hi all! I am starting a new daycare center in the corporate heart of Houston with a friend. We are passionate about children and want to provide the very best care and implement the best practices used today. We want to have an educational curriculum and we want to set our center apart from others. Any suggestions from industry personnel or parents would be greatly appreciated.
Michael 07:42 PM 10-10-2013
I see you posted this question before. Perhaps you could be more specific on what help you would like from our members. We have a thread called starting a daycare

but most of this forum's content is what you asked for. Also look at our main page:
Sugar Magnolia 03:16 AM 10-11-2013
"Beyond Centers and Circle Time" based curriculum focused on environment and scaffolded learning. Creative Curriculum is popular also.
Good luck!
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