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tjones34 07:44 AM 10-21-2013
This is my first year open so I'm having a fall celebration for my kids. What I didn't think about was what to do at this celebration. Only thing I know is that I encouraged the children to come dressed in costumes and I have several Halloween art projects set up. Could you guys give me some suggestions on what to do, times etc. Anything will help out. Thanks in advance!!
butterfly 10:23 AM 10-21-2013
We generally play games. Pumpkin bowling - I set up tin cans and they can roll a smallish pumpkin to try to knock down the cans.

We did a ton of games last year, but I'm drawing a blank at the moment...

We did watch a kid friendly halloween movie - last year was a halloween Dora episode.

Decorate pumpkins. Carve pumpkins - play with guts, count the seeds, roast the seeds.

I don't do costumes, but we decorate masks.

Halloween coloring pages.

scratch art

foam halloween stickers
momofsix 10:35 AM 10-21-2013
We play pin the nose on the pumpkin
Also drop acorns in the pumpkin (kind of like the old clothespin in a jar game)
We also do pumpkin bowling
We try to "flick" "with our fingers) acorns into a goal
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