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lovemylife 09:48 AM 12-05-2013
I just downloaded Daily connect for my iPhone. So far I am really liking it! My question is the "my location" under push notifications. What exactly does that mean? Does it alert me when a parent is at my location? Thanks!
Blackcat31 01:47 PM 12-05-2013
Do you mean Baby Connect? If so, their site has a drop down explanation of push notifications.

You can read it here although it makes no sense as to why they need your location...
lovemylife 03:38 PM 12-05-2013
It is called Daily connect, the same people that made baby connect. But this one is for daycare providers. I really love it! But I have no idea about the location! It does make me a little nervous. I don't want parents to be able to track me after hours. I read the news too much!
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