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daycarediva 11:14 AM 02-09-2014
I cannot find anything online, I am in between registrars (and have been for months now) the front office at OCFS was ZERO help Friday, the caseworker for the family sent me an approval letter with the total hours listed, but nothing else and has not returned my calls or emails over the entire last week.

ANY info would be appreciated. HELP!
Mister Sir Husband 07:33 PM 02-09-2014
I don't have any ideas.. well except maybe to drive out there and ask in person. Is easier to not call back or answer phone than it is to get someone out of your lobby.

I more answered this so I could be in the loop in case I have the problem myself someday
daycarediva 10:08 AM 02-10-2014
I can't go there in person. It's a 40 minute drive one way, I have 2 spare car seats and I have 6 kids here every day, or I would.

ANYONE have ANY advice? prettttty please?
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