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littleblossoms 11:26 AM 02-28-2014
On Wednesday I saw DCG with puffy eyes light pink it gets brighter sometimes too. Only one eye no puss or color discharge, but it do tear up.

I tried asking mom to get it check out but no she did not do anything.

today she was rubbing it a little.

I finally had it and told mom by email today that if her daughter do see a dr for her eye I will exclude her until it is clear up orthe dr said it it not contagious.

What can it be? Also her eyes has bags and I can her vein lines around her eyes. To me it look like her blood vessel is swollen. Can this be possible? Is therere something ican suggest to mom?

These are parents do care and do much. That is why I had to sayi will exclude her until clear up
TwinKristi 11:42 AM 02-28-2014
This is EXACTLY what happened to a past DCB. I could always tell when he was getting sick, his eyes would be puffy and pink, visible vessels around his lids. That was a sign that he was getting sick but mom never really noticed it, but with a low-grade fever, 99.5-100.4 (my contract states 100.5! LOL) and sure enough he would be full blown sick within a few days. I even took him to the dr with me for my DS and showed the dr that he had this low grade fever and red eyes and such, he even checked his ears on a couple occasions. He also got what looked like pink eye numerous times, but the dr said what happens is he would get an ear infection and the tubes between his ears and eyes would back up causing the drainage in his eyes. Drops never really helped except once when his whole eye looked awful! Draining all morning, red, puffy, watery... I had her take him in after being here an hour or so. It was awful. The skin around his eye was all weird for a good week or more from being so puffed up and infected. Like after a wound!
Anyway, I would have her checked out. It could be nothing, or it could be a sign she's sick!
Starburst 10:39 PM 03-01-2014
It could be an allergy (sometimes can affect one eye), debris (like hair or dirt trapped under the eye lid), or a sty (a swollen and blocked pore under the eyelid or on the eye line).

Sometimes one of my eyes tears up and gets red but the other wont if the steam from cooking food irritates my eyes (sometimes even when I'm rooms several away).
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