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L&LDaycare 12:14 PM 02-19-2014
At my daycare, at the end of the day when mom/dad picks you up you get a sticker. ONE sticker. not a problem for most kids but for a first grader that i watch after school i always catch her stealing two or three more stickers. i have told her over and over that that is wrong and stealing is not okay at Amber's house or anywhere. i then found her sticking toys in her pockets right as her dad was pulling in the driveway. Is this something i should bring up to her parents or keep telling her that it is wrong and sending her to timeout?
EntropyControlSpecialist 12:19 PM 02-19-2014
I would bring it up to the parents and I would also check her pockets before she left my business.
Second Home 02:52 PM 02-19-2014
I would let the parents know and check her pockets .
FCCarmyprovider 05:41 AM 03-13-2014
I agree check her pockets. She should know better if you have already spoken with her about. Looks like you need to get parents involved to enforce that it's wrong to steal.
Unregistered 11:31 PM 03-14-2014
Ages and stages: Usually 6 and 8 year olds will test the stealing boundaries. I would say, your such a great teachers helper and now please go put those in their special little spots for other children to enjoy, we'll save them for you for next time. Catching her be good before she leaves then maybe have her coloring until pickup time. If a few guiding tactics don't help, then get the parents involved.
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