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sally 09:19 AM 03-18-2014
Ok dcb is 3.5 yrs old. His parents started working on potty training about a month/month and a half a go. He does pretty well with going pee but has to be told every hour or 2 to try and go and going by what his mom and dad were saying he was doing well with poop training too. He never pooped here at all during the whole potty training time so I was giving the parents the benefit of the doubt. I demanded that he have plastic pants over his underwear. His parents were not happy about it as they let him go at home with only underwear but they did comply. After a couple weeks his parents quit sending the plastic cover even though I told them I preferred him to wear it. Yesterday I smelled a foul smell and low nd behold dcb pooped his pants. Never tried to go, never tried to tell me. Even when I realized it was him he wouldn't admit he pooped his pants. It was hell cleaning him up. I gave his mom a copy of Nanny Dees potty training letter and told her how much I had to clean and sanitze and that he has to wear plastic pants at all times and if he has another poop accident like that he might have to go back to pull ups. His mom finally came clean with me and said hes never pooped on the potty only in his pants. They didn't think he would poop his pants here because he usually holds it until he gets home then does it. And that she thought being here he might finally understand and just poop in the potty. I was pretty mad that they hadn't been telling me the truth. I don't know what to do with these people.
CraftyMom 09:50 AM 03-18-2014

I had a similar experience recently. Dcb was "potty trained" when he started here, this meant he was told every hour to go potty...not potty trained in my book. In first two weeks he NEVER told me he had to go, only went when I told him and NEVER pooped on the potty here, only in his pants once and had several peeing accidents. Told parents he had to wear pull ups or a diaper here, reminded of my policy, mom gave me quite a hard time but I stood my ground. Well wouldn't you know dad accidentally confessed that he ONLY wears underwear at daycare and when he gets home he wears a diaper!!!! WTH I was more than just a little upset to say the least!!
sally 10:04 AM 03-18-2014
Can someone help me write a letter to the parents about no tolerance for deceit and the importance about knowing the truth of how things are really going at home with potty training.
CraftyMom 10:50 AM 03-18-2014
I don't have any wording, but review your policy with them and stress that you DO NOT do the potty training, that is the parents' responsibility and you will ASSIST at daycare if YOU feel the child is ready. And that he must remain in pull ups until 2 weeks accident free AT DAYCARE. (Or whatever your policy is)

Be clear that there are no exceptions to this policy, and that it is for the health and well being of the entire daycare and your home.

If they send him in underwear you can refuse him at the door unless he wears a pull up.

Since you have already given them a copy of Nannyde's policy it should be clear to them what is expected. Now it will take enforcing the policy on your end
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