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Reggio / Waldorf / Forest Kindergarten / Granola / Natural - Learning Methods>After the mud comes and goes
Josiegirl 05:24 AM 03-29-2014
I want to eliminate all the plastic from our backyard and turn it into a natural playscape. I want to create a mud kitchen, grow a sunflower house, do some container gardening, maybe a music wall, things like that. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear/see any suggestions, advice, links, anything at all anyone can offer. The kids love to climb so need suggestions in that realm too. I have some ideas in my pinterest but wanted to ask(beg) here too.
Blackcat31 06:56 AM 03-29-2014
I love natural playscapes....

I've been sloooowly converting too and riding myself of all plastic and similar toys both inside and out.

Here is one of my favorite sites... TONS of ideas, a blog and a store!

Here are a few other places for ideas etc too:

Josiegirl 12:23 PM 03-29-2014
Thanks BC!!! One of those sites has a list of 20 ideas/suggestions/ways to transform your play area, very helpful! Put them all in my ever growing list of favorites.
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