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Forms - Uploads>Sending Sick Child Home Form?
Little Bears FCC 09:24 AM 04-09-2014

I am looking to come up with a form to use when having to send an ill child home. Do any of you currently have one that you use? What would be your suggestions to put into the form?

Thank you,

Blackcat31 09:37 AM 04-09-2014
Welcome to the forum!

Here is the form I give parents when I send their child home (first one)

and the form I require the parent to bring to the doctor...IF I require a Dr's note for re-admittance to care (second one)

Feel free to use either or both forms if they work for you.
nothingwithoutjoy 10:18 AM 04-09-2014
This isn't something I'd ever thought of--but of course! Thank you, Blackcat, for sharing.
Little Bears FCC 12:16 PM 04-09-2014
Thank you for sharing and welcoming me to the group.
mia 10:35 AM 04-23-2014
very nice I never would have even thought about a form like these ..... THANK YOU Blackcat......
Second Home 09:39 AM 04-24-2014
Thanks .

I just notate things in the child's folder .This is much better .
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