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Kabob 05:07 AM 05-19-2014
So dcm of 16 month old dcb cancelled for today because he's been sick all weekend with runny eyes, runny nose, severe cough, severe wheezing, and now a fever. I said ok, keep me posted since my dr likes to know what I'm exposed to since I'm 37 weeks pregnant (ie exposure to Fifth Disease). Dcm quickly changed her story to dcb NOT having a fever but still the other symptoms but she's not sure because her thermometer is "broken".

The thing is, she used the broken thermometer excuse before when dcb was running a fever due to a confirmed ear infection. I don't know why she didn't replace it back then and I don't know why she is trying to avoid admitting he has a fever.

Would you exclude for the other symptoms alone if he truly isn't running a fever.

And on top on this, ds started with the cough and wheezing last night but no fever (I have 4 working thermometers) and now I feel icky too...really was hoping we'd all be healthy in time for this baby to arrive...
Second Home 05:31 AM 05-19-2014
I would exclude for the severe cough and wheezing .
CraftyMom 05:35 AM 05-19-2014
Yes, exclude. Even without the fever (which he probably has) The other symptoms add up to a miserable baby
childcaremom 05:40 AM 05-19-2014
I would exclude for the other symptoms, regardless of temperature.
Kabob 06:09 AM 05-19-2014
Yeah he is staying home today...supposedly heading to the dr.

I just worry she is trying to hide something so she can bring him in tomorrow. She tried that before when she said he had a rash on his belly and face due to a reaction to his antibiotic...I told her to keep him home because my policy is to exclude for rash, fever, diarrhea, vomiting regardless of the reason (diaper rash is a bit different but this was an actual rash). So he missed a whole week. I'm thinking she doesn't want to repeat that...
EntropyControlSpecialist 07:12 AM 05-19-2014
Originally Posted by CraftyMom:
Yes, exclude. Even without the fever (which he probably has) The other symptoms add up to a miserable baby
Exactly. That does not sound like a well child able to fully participate in the day.
Kabob 12:03 PM 05-19-2014
Apparently dcm took dcb to the dr and found out he has croup. No idea if the dr confirmed a fever or anything yet though. So frustrated everyone seems to be getting another round of illnesses this close to my due date...just can't win...
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