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Natural, Holistic and RAW Lifestyle>Oil Pulling Update
Country Kids 03:21 PM 05-28-2014
Went into the dentist and had an excellent check-up!!!

This never happens twice in a row- My last check up was great and now this one. Usually I have a good one, a bad one, a bad one, a good one, a bad one, a good one, etc.

Never Two Good Ones In A Row!

My dentist had never heard of oil pulling but said it can't hurt and keep it up!

Hopefully I can get three in a row-
craftymissbeth 03:23 PM 05-28-2014

I tried it once, but with olive oil. Blech! I need to get some more coconut oil, but keep forgetting to add it to my list. I also use the water pik once or twice a week and that's helped, too.
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