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Curriculum>Would You Purchase An Online Children’s Fitness/Nutrition Plan?
Unregistered 02:10 PM 06-11-2014
I am working with preschools and the school boards to provide interactive nutrition and physical fitness games for young children.

Would this be something that a homecare based business be interested in?

The lesson plan would be accessible through a website with a low cost monthly payment through paypal. The lesson plans will include weekly age-appropriate games and fun interactive nutrition lessons. Everything would conveniently be laid out step by step on how to teach the lessons.

Yay or Nay?
Blackcat31 02:15 PM 06-11-2014
I do NOTHING electronic for the kids. NO TV or i-pads or anything similar so a website for kids wouldn't be something I am interested in.

I also get tons of support and education monthly about healthy eating/nutrition and exercise from my food program and from my required trainings.

So no, I would not pay for a monthly subscription like that.

Parents might, but I wouldn't.
Unregistered 02:22 PM 06-11-2014
Hi Blackcat,

Thank you for your input!

Sorry for the confusion. The lessons will be accessible to the caregiver interactively, but it is up to the caregiver to provide the lessons physically for their children.
spud912 03:17 PM 06-11-2014
I would not degree is in dietetics so I feel I have a good nutrition base as a result.

I think the most important aspects of nutrition and fitness are in the "doing it" aspects and not necessarily providing interactive games to teach it. Children need to learn about eating healthy? Feed them healthy and talk about the food while eating it (like how it is good for them). Children need to learn about fitness? Give them a lot of activity!

Just my 2 cents....
Rachel 09:09 PM 06-21-2014
I wonder if the OP would have better luck selling it to the people who provide the food program since they in turn provide information to the providers.
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