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Go play! 11:39 AM 07-11-2014
I hear all the time how much people don't like to work with school agers but I have the two best girls this summer. They are both with me just when they are with their dads and their step moms are co workers. They love hanging out together, they play with the little ones, they both love to read. They are only here the same days once or twice a week but even when I only have one they are great. I'm going to be sad when they are old enough to stay by themselves in the summer.
Blackcat31 12:25 PM 07-11-2014
Not all providers dislike taking the school kids.

I used to enjoy them alot but over time, it just got too complicated.

I think in your case, it is the limited scheduling that makes it easy for them

Spending all day, every day in daycare with kids alot younger is hard for any older kid.

I've taken SA kids that were previous daycare kids on no school days and never had issues with them. Like I said, it was the day to day, regular attendance SA'ers that give the most trouble.

Glad you enjoy your girls!
mom2many 01:02 PM 07-11-2014
I absolutely love my two s/a girls! They've both been with me a long time. The older one has been with me 7 1/2 years since, she was 3 & the younger one 6 years, since she was one.
They are great little helpers! Love reading and doing craft projects with the younger kids.
However, on the other hand I had a 8 yo s/a boy that purposefully caused conflict and issues with all of the children s/a and preschool a like & after terming him, it was pure bliss here! It definitely depends on the child on how easy a s/a can be!!!!
Go play! 01:03 PM 07-11-2014
I wouldn't like them all. In fact, I tried hard to persuade these parents to go to a camp, but they have been so fun. I've just enjoyed these two and watching their friendship.
Josiegirl 04:53 PM 07-11-2014
How old are they?

I have 2 sisters, ages 10 and 11 and they are unbelievably wonderful!! They help in every way, know what I need and just do it, are great with the kids, never complain or sass or swear or ignore me. I've had them since the youngest was 2 yo.
But then I have 2 other sisters, ages 5 and 7 yo. So dramatic and whiny. I love them to pieces but such different personalities. I catch the 5 yo doing all kinds of things she knows she's not supposed to be doing, like jumping on the couch. I was disciplining her about something this morning and she gets all mad at me, covers her ears, and shouts 'I'd really like to hate you'. I told her she could if she wanted to but she still couldn't do x, y and z. Lol Then tonight when she's leaving she runs back in purposely to give me kisses and an I love you sign.

Almost all my older kids drive me crazy but I've had them a long time and I do love them. Some it's just easier than others.
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