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laceylmm 08:47 AM 07-31-2014
School cannot start soon enough. I have two girls that just feed off of each others drama. Someone is playing how they want to play, someone picked up a toy they weren't touching but they wanted it, constantly threatening whomever that they can't play with this or that, or aren't their friend anymore. It's ridiculous. And the waterworks if if dare say they need to separate because it's never anyone's fault. So tired of the drama.
Luna 10:17 AM 07-31-2014

I have the boy versions of your dcgs. Loud versions.
Sunshine74 11:01 AM 07-31-2014
Oh the drama with SA girls! I don't work with that age at my center (I did a few summers when I was in high school though), but their room is pretty centrally located, so I always see/ hear it. A few years ago we had a few that were so overdramatic that I think they cried more often then the toddlers.
Atoz 11:14 AM 07-31-2014
I too said I wouldnt do SA again. Now I am having such a hard time filling spots my husband said I may have to take SA. I really really don't want to.
laceylmm 11:54 AM 07-31-2014
I mean in just one day these two have hit each other. Of course on both occasions it was the other girls fault. One keeps telling people to shut up. I had to remove her from a situation and she got super loud and mouthy with me. Like bad temper mouthy. I then have to explain that I don't allow little kids to speak that way especially since I was just asking her if she would like to play with oatmeal or beans. Then the waterworks came. There is no talking anything out when they are fighting because it just escalates. And the the one turns it into an 'everybody hates me!' Type of thing. Anyway this new girl that's adding to my old girls drama just started this week. I have two more weeks to go until school starts but I really don't see how I'm going to last that long.
Josiegirl 03:30 PM 07-31-2014
I was having a really good summer with the SA kids, until this week. We've been having lots of fun, keeping busy and doing all kinds of activities. This week(not sure if it's difference in dynamics because some are on vacation)the ones that are here don't listen, they're talking back, mocking me and rolling their eyes, all that fun stuff. We'd been having fun with a virtual vacation and this week they are just not interested one bit. They'd rather run around the house and yard like a bunch of hyenas.
Plus the fighting, yikes. Two of them are sisters which doesn't help. I so wish I could have a waiting list so I could make some choices about who to keep and who to say buh bye to.
Controlled Chaos 03:48 PM 07-31-2014
I have one SA girl this summer and won't do it again. She is mostly sweet and helpful but my dcks are 5months to 4 years old so a 7yo SA is just too old (she is the sister of a regular). I have just had it up to here with her "helpful" bossy comments about everything. I finally snapped and in my most gentle/fake smile/quiet voice explained I have three children, watch 8, and know way more about children than she does and that she needs to respect adults and in my house if she doesn't use a respectful voice she will lose privileges and be napping with the babies. 2 more weeks and then she is back in school!
cheerfuldom 06:06 AM 08-01-2014
About 90% of providers dont do schoolagers and there is a reason why LOL If I didnt have to watch my own two schoolagers, I wouldnt, ha ha. My older two are driving me nuts. We are doing okay but I also cant wait till school starts.
laceylmm 06:49 AM 08-01-2014
Well so far my regular family hasn't shown up. Have a feeling mom didn't like another child being mean to her kid. Even though her kid will hit her sister as hard as she can and mom does nothing. I'm not even worried about it.
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