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tjones34 02:51 PM 08-01-2014
I'm real big on having a form for everything and was wondering how far in advance do you give parents a copy of days off and vacations. Currently I give them a schedule of my days off for the entire year. If I have to add any days I give advance notice as well. Does anyone have a copy of one that they use that they wouldn't mind sharing with me or do you guys just put it in your handbook? I put it in my handbook but make a separate colorful sheet as well. Feel free to email me at [email protected]

Thanks in advance!
Cat Herder 02:58 PM 08-01-2014
I use a free academic calendar template. There are many sites that offer them. ( )

Here is a sample one...
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Blackcat31 03:04 PM 08-01-2014
I use Calendar Labs to make my yearly calendar.

I download a blank template for the year I want into Microsoft Word.

I highlight my days off in red (no charge) and green (paid days).

I also add notes on the side for any special events occurring that particular month.

SUPER easy to do.
tjones34 03:11 PM 08-01-2014
Thank you!!
NightOwl 03:18 PM 08-01-2014
I love this! I'm gonna bookmark that site. It looks way easier than what I've been doing.
Josiegirl 01:16 PM 08-09-2014
I just saw this, thanks for posting the link!
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