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Book Club - Reviews / Suggestions>Has anyone read Finding Your Smile Again?
Josiegirl 04:21 AM 09-27-2014
I just received it and want to know if it deserves to be read next in my stack of books to read. It's by Jeff Johnson and focuses on the stress of doing child care and dealing with burn-out.
Any opinions on this book? Thanks!
AmyKidsCo 10:23 AM 09-27-2014
Not yet but I love Jeff Johnsons podcasts & his Babies in the Rain. Finding Your Smile is next on my reading list.
Josiegirl 03:53 AM 10-04-2014
I'm not even half way through this book but it is definitely an eye-opener. I thought I knew the effects of being burned out but there have been so many feelings and reactions to life that I was beginning to think was abnormal. Then I'm finding out in this book all this 'stuff' in my life can also be caused by burn-out.
Can't wait to find out how to deal with it besides quitting.

Amy, when you finish the book, I'd be interested in hearing your comments!
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