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Curriculum>Funshine Express Monthly Art Packs?
Kim 05:23 PM 07-10-2014
Has anyone tried Funshine Express Monthly Art Packs? I'm thinking of trying these for next school year. I really just need some ready to go crafts for each month and this looks pretty good for $19.99 a month.

Anyone try them? Are they worth $20 a month?
Second Home 03:46 AM 07-11-2014
My mother used them years ago when she did child care . Since she used them for years I would have to say she liked it .
Kim 05:17 AM 07-11-2014
Thanks! I've used Funshine and MGT but they're just getting too pricey for me.

I figured the monthly art packs would be helpful figured out they only come with art projects for 4 children. I have 5-6 kids that I would need supplies for. I'd have to buy 2 packs each month which would cost me $40 plus shipping.
rebekki78 12:25 PM 07-14-2014
It's quite expensive, and I have found that some of the crafts are to difficult for my age group; I have 2-3 yr olds and 2-4 yr olds. I make the packet last 2 months so it doesn't cost nearly enough. This summer, though, I have decided I am only doing the monthly "Faith Lessons". I will go back to pre-school in the fall. Funshine just added anew feature which is Funshine Online: I don't know anything about this and I didn't even look because my printer gets enough use
Artsupplies 02:12 AM 10-15-2014
You can get so many art packs in affordable price.Just search online.
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