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Matilda 11:05 AM 12-29-2014
Hi, All! I am a licensed child care provider and I was wondering if anyone would be able to give their input regarding government assistance programs. We have a lot of trouble with parents swiping in and out properly, as well as paying their copays and even attending regularly. Has anyone encountered these problems? Do you have any tips for how I may be able to rectify these issues?
Blackcat31 11:42 AM 12-29-2014
Welcome to the forum!

Government assistance programs for child care work differently in each state.

I am in MN and require parents using CCAP (Child Care Assistance Program) to pay their portion (co-payments as well as additional charges not covered by CCAP) in ADVANCE of care. So if a parent did not pay their co-pay, they would not receive services. I bill the state every two weeks and parents pay their co-pays every two weeks.

Also, NO SERVICES are ever provided if there is an outstanding balance.

I also do not allow parents to go over their allotted weekly hours without payment in advance too.

I require ALL families to submit a written schedule each week for what care hours they are needing so I know ahead of time if the hours they schedule exceed the number of hours they are allowed. Once they reach their max hours, there is no more services without advance payment.

Hopefully that helps a little bit.
wonderfullisa 06:27 AM 12-30-2014
I'm in Ohio.
I make it clear at the interview that they must attend for their min hours (so my PT girl comes 7+ hours a week, even if they didn't need to use me that week). Also, if they have any issues with getting swiped in/out before the open window closes, they will be responsible for paying me the difference.
Regarding the copays, it's the same as my private pay families. If they fall behind on payment (without setting something up with me, beforehand, I'm still a bit of a softie), then they can't attend until they are paid up.
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