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MOMMA 05:10 PM 01-18-2015
I have a school-age boy who is the oldest at 8yrs. He tells everyone what they are doing, and how they are doing it. Ex...We will play (insert game here)which he makes up and makes up the rules to benefit himself as they play.... then we will play Wii and play (insert game here). I call him out and say that he doesn't make the rules and that they should take turns choosing the games. He says ok, but then when something else is picked he says, that's dumb and I'm not playing. I have really been patient with him because his home life is in a bit of a mess. I know that he is asserting himself as a way to have some control in his life as well as it's a natural common thing for the oldest of a group to lead. The other two boys have started to whine and complain about it and have threatened to not play with him at which he cries and says he will just tell his mom he doesn't want to come anymore if no one is going to play with him and the other two usually give in. I try to let them work it out, but one of the boys is my own son and it is extremely difficult to not insist that he stand up for himself and not back down. Adding insult to injury, he is my son's best friend, they are in the same class, he lives next door, and my husband and I are friends with his parents! How the heck do I address this without messing up all the relationships?
Michael 06:54 PM 01-18-2015
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