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Unregistered 10:45 AM 02-05-2015
I have been in business almost 2 years, and I have to decide if I should re-register with all the lovely paperwork.

Right now, I have two 15-month-olds, two days apart in age, two days a week, a 3 year old and my 4 year old daughter. I am currently listening to one cry while the other sleeps, and then the other cry while the other one sleeps. I am tired of having my house "company ready," I am tired of trying to give my daughter enough attention so she doesn't feel super jealous of the other kids, I am tired of parents bringing sick kids and then going "oh, they're sick?", I am tired of sciatica/back issues from picking up heavy kids...I am just tired. We are moving in the next year, and I am wondering if I should go on just to make it financially until then. I used to really love my business, and was excited. But now, my husband has some issues from all his deployments, and it is just getting to be too much. I need a job where I make $2,000 a month but still be able to take care of my daughter until kindergarten in the fall.

Any suggestions?
Jack Sprat 11:20 AM 02-05-2015
Read the provider burn out section. It really does help to read it. That's all I got.
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