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Peaches 10:00 PM 02-05-2015
I'm trying to get a few ideas of how to set up my daily curriculum. Currently I only do a structured lesson for about 30 minutes but thinking of tweaking it. Curious how others set up their curriculum? Do you focus on a daily rigid lesson structure like Monday is letter day, Tuesday shape day, wed math etc. Or focus on a theme and keep the daily lessons more flexibile to accommodate the theme?
MrsSteinel'sHouse 06:42 AM 02-06-2015
I am much more laid back and child led in the past few years
So, one of my little guys will say- I want to make a scorpion.. we figure out how to do that... yeap that is on my list for this next week.
We talk about letters through play. I am working through them but on a slow scale with the 5 yr old. I introduce new letter sound. I have laminated letters and "hid" them on the wall for them to find. Letter order comes from the writing road to reading so Oo, Cc, Aa, Dd etc. Rounds first and then the straights (looking at the lower case)

I have a lot of number toys and all of my kids except the 1 yr old, can identify 1-9. Just from play.. same with shapes and colors.

This week I pulled out cars and trucks for play because I got a new little people "track" and airport tower (goodwill) and I got the melissa and doug transportation magnets. My little guys had a great time with them. Craft- we played a lot of playdoh and painting. We got to go outside every day so that was nice. Outside play always takes priority over anything else.

Oh and we have been singing a ton of Elmo's song. One of my little guys did la la la la Dinosaur's Song.. Dinosaur loves his DC and his bed too that's Dinosaur's Song... I cracked up! His lovely is dinosaur and he sleeps with it. Mom has regulated it to bedtime most of the time now.

Next week in my brain we may do dentist and teeth... but Valentines exchange is in there too. Them playing is always 1st priority so if they are engaged I do not impose my ideas on them. I do try to set up the playroom to expand their play.

I hope that makes sense. I am eagerly awaiting a new book to arrive- Visions of Creativity in Early Childhood Author: Joy Lubawy I am hoping it sparks some other ideas.

Have a great day!
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