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Controlled Chaos 12:45 PM 04-16-2015
I went back and read the old threads about subs, but hopefully someone can give me some logistical feedback.

I think I have found a great sub/assistant. (She worked at the center my dd went to years ago and I know the family)

I want to have her come once a week for 3hours or maybe 2x a week for 2 hrs each. This would be for training for a month. Then I have to family trips planned and want her to sub all on her own 2 days in June and a whole week in July. I know my state's regs. What I need help with
1. Employee contract. Anyone have one or a format to follow?
2. Questions to ask in a formal interview?
3. Suggestions or lessons learned from your experiences?

Thank you for taking the time to share.
Michael 12:51 PM 04-16-2015
I know you looked up TAGS on Substitutes. Here are threads on Assistants:
Controlled Chaos 01:43 PM 04-16-2015
Originally Posted by Michael:
I know you looked up TAGS on Substitutes. Here are threads on Assistants:
daycare 01:44 PM 04-16-2015
I have 4 employees that work AT MY HOME daycare.

If you would like to chat, pm me and I can help you out.

My computer took a huge dump about a month ago and I lost a lot of my EHB and papers, but I can tell you what I have in mine, how I train my staff and what I look for in a good employee.

all but one of my staff have been with me for 3+ years
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