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KristinsHomeCC 02:45 PM 06-10-2015
Hi every body! My name is Kristin and I just recently opened my family home daycare here in Central FL. I've had tons of inquiries, a few interviews, but no luck. I actually did have a family interested in my child care, but good lord the DD was a pompous a$$! Before he even introduced himself to me, he mentioned how atleast the inside of my house is a lot nicer than the outside! It may be an ugly yellow, but listen buddy...I rent, I can't paint it! Also tried to barter my rate, which is extremely rude in my opinion. So I had to turn them down due to my gut feeling that theyd be nothing but problems. I have a 17 month old son myself, and my house is completely day-cared. Lol. Anyways, Ive done fliers, business cards, facebook groups...working on the word of mouth thing. Im a little shy so it's hard to work up the gut sometimes. The average rate around my area is $200-220 for infants to a year, $160-180 for 1-3 yr, and $130-150 for 3 and up. That is the weekly rate. I charge $150 for all ages to keep it simple. Im open Mon thru Fri, 6am to 6pm. I have a handbook that is relatively fair. I do have late fees but thats because thats my family time, I dont think thats unreasonable! I provide all food and drink and I am not on the food program. I also have live streaming cameras that are instantly accessible for all parents. Ive been advertising for over a month now, what gives?? I also went to orientation to accept subsidized childcare, but not sure if I want to get into that. Desperately need some advice or some encouragement because I am definitely feeling discouraged Thanks ladies
Michael 03:40 PM 06-10-2015
Welcome to the forum Kristin. There are a lot of experienced providers and parents on the forum who come everyday to offer their expertise. Use our TAG Search to find relevant threads like Starting a Daycare:
Leigh 04:42 PM 06-10-2015
Hello, Kristin:

I'm sorry that you're going through this. Let me first tell you that it is not uncommon-don't take it personally. Those who have already burned every bridge in town tend to smell fresh blood quickly! Many of your first contacts can be daycare hoppers/price shoppers/parents of toddler hoodlums/parents with unreasonable demands. Just keep at it! The hardest family to enroll, IMO, is the first! Be creative and use every contact you can: ask friends and relatives for referrals-ask your pediatrician for a referral, your dentist, your grocer. Tell EVERYONE that you're open for business and accepting applications! Get involved in local events or groups and get the word out! Don't be shy, either-leave your card everywhere! Put a few in the kids play area at the clinic, leave them on bulletin boards, the library-anywhere you can think of. Stop at the HR departments of large employers and ask if you can leave some info for their employees-dependable daycare helps employers, too! For every yes you get, you may get 20 no answers, but remember that you DID get a yes!

Good luck to you!
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