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Baby&Me 11:41 AM 09-23-2015
still ironing out our enrollment fees
Please share ur's
Did research in our area
Still hoping 4 more thoughts, experience examples & details
Especially hoping 2 have full confidence in monthly rate
What's ur pricing plan/schedule/chart?
Why & how it works 4 u
Thanx 4 thoughts & feelings on the subject

Unregistered 10:49 PM 09-27-2015
I think it really depends on your area. Where I am, the average weekly rate for an infant is $200/week. I started out advertising a higher rate and didn't get much feedback. I lowered my rates for a few months and am now charging $220/week for infants and $250 for pick up after 4:30 pm. I raised the rates when I had only two spots left. I am now full. The two plus rates are where I have a hard time because most of my older kids are sa. I charge a flat $37/day for non contract families and $30/day for contracted. I pick up from school, provide afternoon snack and help with homework. That rate does not go up in the summer or when kids have days off school.
My families pay the Friday before the care week starts. They have an option to pay the entire month up front, that payment is due the Friday before the new month starts. October payments will be made October 1 this month, last month it was August 28. Some providers give a discount for paying for the month. I don't as I do not feel it's necessary. Some also offer discounts for siblings, again I do not. In the beginning I was pricing rates on a case by case basis. Now though I stick to my rates and do not lower them to try to gain business. I do not lower the full time rate because a child is here 4/5 days. I don't lower if they are here only 6 hours or even 2 hours. If you want the spot, you have to pay.
I don't charge an enrollment fee but do require the last week of care be paid up front. Originally I was going to ask for two weeks but since I have some families I realized that created a hardship, I don't expect someone to be able to pay two weeks care totaling $700 plus the first week of $350 up front. It is unrealistic and not something I was comfortable with.
My first 6 months as a licensed provider were very difficult. I felt like giving up and did not think it was going to pan out. I started gaining clients about the 6 month mark and was full at the end of month 8. It is hard work but for me has been totally worth it. I wish you all the best and hope that it works out for you!
Unregistered 11:00 PM 09-27-2015
good info
littletots 12:45 PM 09-28-2015
Pricing certainly does depend on location, license, unlicensed, experience, ratio, vacation yours/theirs. I charge slightly less because I open 830a vs 7a. Getting prices from your area (as you're doing) gives better idea.
Dsquared 07:40 AM 11-05-2015
I live in Northern Virginia and charge $225 a week per kid. I open at 8:00 and close at 5:00. I am done by 4:30 with the group of kids I am currently watching.
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