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Blackcat31 06:49 AM 01-04-2016
In light of all the negative posts about dreading the first day back or wanting/needing a few more days off, I wanted to post a thread that approached the new year more positively!

So with that said: I am excited to be back to work!

I missed my daycare kiddos
I missed my daily routine

For me, this year will be a busy one (I am renewing several certificates, trainings, QRIS rating and my license) but a year that I am hoping brings joy and happiness to everyone!

I am looking forward to getting a few things checked off my ever growing "to do" list as well as a few rule/policy changes within my program.

I am not necessarily making a New Year's resolution to do/say/be anything different but I am trying to make a conscious effort to change the things that dont work for me and to celebrate the things that do or that often times gets lost in the shuffle of vents/complaints.

So with that said: I hope everyone has TONS of good fortune, good health, good days and good times come their way in 2016!!

We have 361 days to make this a GREAT year!!!!

I am officially challenging you all to make it the best year yet!!!
midaycare 08:34 AM 01-04-2016
Great post! It is going to be a wonderful year!!!!!
Michael 08:41 AM 01-04-2016
Baby Beluga 08:54 AM 01-04-2016
Happy 2016! Although I am bummed to go back to work today (everyone loves time off!) I was also happy that I had a job to go to. In the world of DC enrollment is always changing. And since my area is overcrowded with in-home and commercial day care centers I am incredibly blessed to be operating at full capacity and with wonderful families to boot.
auntymimi 09:16 AM 01-04-2016
Glad you posted this! Though it was a little rough for my angel baby today (been with gma for 2 whole weeks-yikes!) all in all it was good to be back at it. I've resolved to be healthier in this coming year, and I'm taking the kiddos with me! We did a science project today (learning about germs) and are talking about healthy foods, moving our bodies, and drinking more water. We got out to play in the first snow of the year, and I'm looking forward to trying some kiddy yoga (they have cool videos on you tube). Best of all, my schoolagers are back in school today!!!!
NeedaVaca 09:22 AM 01-04-2016
Happy New Year! I actually think my 2 weeks vacation was more tiring than work lol. I enjoyed every second of it but am looking forward to getting back to my routine. All the kiddos started back today and they have been great!
Annalee 09:53 AM 01-04-2016
My daycare kiddos come bouncing in today and have been wonderful thus far! My time off was AWESOME, though, and I enjoyed every moment.
laundrymom 10:03 AM 01-04-2016
Fantastic post!!!
Half mine have been awesome, the others must have spent two weeks with wild animals in the woods.
We have had a lot of redirection, a lot of tears, a lot of hurt feelings.
We also had one who picked up a friend and body slammed him. In 3 seconds. Flat. Wow. It's been a day. Lol.
Play Care 10:57 AM 01-04-2016

I am happy to be back today also. Happy to have my routine and get things accomplished.
Josiegirl 11:00 AM 01-04-2016
I was truly ready for kids to come back in and make noise again. It was a great excuse not to feel guilty about all the decluttering in the extra bedroom I should be doing. Plus the house has been too quiet since New Year's Day.
The kids have actually been pretty good, excited to see each other, playing nicely, listening pretty well, and took naps. I just hated to see my clean house get all tossed around again.
spedmommy4 11:10 AM 01-04-2016
I go back to work tomorrow. I am off for a personal day today. I too, will be happy to get back into the routine.

I'm also excited because my husband and I have been scouting locations for a center so I can expand my business. I'm looking forward to 2016.
Janiam 11:22 AM 01-04-2016
I am not one for 'one time a year' resolutions either. Last year I worked really hard at budgeting and getting my finances in better shape, I will continue that and hope to open an IRA soon.
I didn't get a vacation over the holidays just two three day weekends so I honestly didn't have time to miss the kiddo's however my DS left to go back to college and I miss him enormously and DD is back to school. It was great to have my own kids home together for a few weeks. Looking ahead in 2016. I see a super busy year, working my way through QRIS for the first time, full DC enrollment, DD will be a senior in the fall, DS will finish his AA and move to another school for his BA. Would love to have a little more personal time for hobbies or to just recharge but I honestly can't is good!
spud912 12:52 PM 01-04-2016
I was eager to get back into the routine again too. I usually go through a post-holiday depression, but this year was different. I think the holidays were too hustle-bustle for me and then we followed that with a not-so-great visit with family. I was ready to get back to normalcy. Call me crazy, but the routine of child care (sans holidays) is relaxing to me.
Controlled Chaos 08:01 PM 01-04-2016
I was excited to work today! I had a new little one starting - he did great! Wonderful family, respectful, grateful...lovely!

I have already planned out and purchased materials for 12 months worth of themes and lesson.

I am excited to spend less on big stuff and save more profit for my family.

Our new puppy comes home tomorrow!!! Our beloved dog passed away in October and I am so excited to have a new fur baby!

I am going to a class Wednesday to learn about how to get my CDA. I want to be to level 10 of our career ladder in 3 years. I know I can do it! Then my yearly bonuses and grant possibilities will be awesome!

Cheers to all of you! I so cherish this community and appreciate all you ladies and gents! Take care of yourselves this year!
Rockgirl 05:35 AM 01-05-2016
Lots of good things here!

My dcks were so happy to play together again yesterday. It was a great day. I am going to spend some time reorganizing in the daycare today while the kids play. Actually looking forward to it--I will crank up some music and get to work!
Blackcat31 06:20 AM 01-05-2016
Originally Posted by Controlled Chaos:

Our new puppy comes home tomorrow!!! Our beloved dog passed away in October and I am so excited to have a new fur baby!
I am sorry for your loss.

I would very much like to see a picture of the new fur baby though
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