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momneedscoffee 08:05 AM 03-10-2016
Dcg was just diagnosed with rsv today. Has been home sick all week. What is your protocol for this situation? New to dc and none of my kids have had a major illness yet. Do you tell other parents?
Ariana 08:10 AM 03-10-2016
They can return when all symptoms of RSV are gone.
rosieteddy 08:25 AM 03-10-2016
Legally you are not supposed to tell about other children.In the past I have sent a note home.Explaining that a child was diagnosed with the illness.I tell parents what to look for and then remind what the illness policy is.I make sure they know when a child is allowed back into care.
Blackcat31 08:53 AM 03-10-2016
thrivingchildcarecom 10:44 AM 03-10-2016
I usually send a mass note out to all the parents regarding contagious illnesses without naming a specific child. If you would like to see the way I word it, send me a PM and I would love to share.

One more thing; hopefully, you have a good sick/illness policy that you go by and have provided to the parents. It really does help to have that set in place so that you don't have to explain each illness and your policies to parents whenever they come up.
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